Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We qualified for medi-cal!

Our share of cost is still pretty high, but at least we have something.
That said, i can't believe the support and love, and generosity we have been on the receiving end of. God is taking something so crappy, and turning it to his glory. I guess Randy has really touched you hearts. I googled Randy Miller/The Myriad...13 pages popped up with 10 links on each page about him and this battle. Plus on my myspace bulletin list, 8 out of the 10 listed were Randy's video that Jesse and Jeremy did. Blew me away. At the end of this, God WILL be victorious, Randy will be healed, and we will all be on our knees in awe of just what God can do. I already am.

We meet with his oncologist today. Her name is Dr. Carolyn Collins. We have the best of both worlds, an amazing local Dr. and a top notch team from Stanford that she will defer to. We have our support team in place with our family and dear friends, medical costs covered, a roof over our heads, (thanks again) and a never emptied frig. It's either piping fresh hot meals, or leftovers the next day, then more hot food... last night beef enchiladas, oh BABY!!! yummy. Yesterday was a good day. :)

We are both a little nervous to go today, because everytime we go to a Dr's office, the news gets worse. It's all a part of the journey though. He is bringing us along slowly, but i appreciate it. If we knew how scary and hard this was in the beginning, i probably would have grabbed him and ran to Mexico. Can't find him there... oh, wait, cancer is the enemy. Can't hide from that...
All right God, part our red sea, and drown our enemy!

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cable said...

Still deep in prayer for you guys. Have a restful weekend. Seriously, try.