Thursday, July 30, 2009

Randy's new toy

He has wanted a jet boat since he was Conor's age. He helped HIS father shine the heads and buff out the chrome on his boat growing up. Now he has one of his very own and it didn't cost him a dime. It was a strait trade for his motorcycle. I'm so excited to have that thing gone, because it was way too fast and WAY too dangerous. Plus this is something we can all enjoy as a family and have our friends out. It will take some work, and some new paint, but it's in great shape and runs great! We hope to take it out tomorrow. Roxy, our dog, of course has to go and needed a life jacket since she can't swim, so enjoy the pics:

Friday, July 24, 2009

Randy update

Not much has changed really, except for his chemo schedule. He used to go in for 2 different cycles, every three weeks. One cycle was for 3 days, the other for 5. He finished his 3 day cycle, and so they spilt up his 5 day cycle into 2 separate ones. From here on out, he will go in for 5 days, then 1 day three weeks later. The 1 day will be outpatient. :)

He is feeling very excited and is looking at this downhill battle with a smile on his face. He WILL get to go on a small tour with the guys in the fall. This is a very good thing. The dr. plans on sending him home on antibiotics to keep him from getting sick again. There's some peace there for me. Without them, I don't think I would be getting much sleep with him being home, with all the worry of him passing in his sleep like the dr. said could happen...

He will also have scans this week or the next, so we should know then. I'll keep you posted. thanks again for all your prayers.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy Sunday

All's I'm gonna say is: Banana stuffed french toast and brown sugar glazed bacon.
Bananas, brown sugar and butter, cooked, mixed with cream cheese and stuffed into french bread and baked. Thick cut bacon with a mixture of brown sugar, cayenne and black pepper... baked til crispy. Maple syrup. (possibly a tequila sunrise, i'm just saying, it might go well with it). YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

girls night out...

... then back to reality.
i was introduced to "Italian margaritas". normal regular 'ol margaritas, with an amaretto floater. yummy! then i came home...

i had a blast with jen and her sis. appetizers, drinks, easy talk, we closed down Rivers. (although they close at ten, not like we stayed til 2am..) i had so much fun getting out. i could be myself without a care in the world with someone that i KNOW loves me more than the world. we all just chatted and laughed til we HAD to leave. although the bus boys let us stay 30 minutes later than closing. i was so happy. i still am, but i came home to the reality of my life. sterile gloves, groshongs, alcohol swabs, masks, and tape. it was time to change Randy's dressing and flush his tubes. I am laughing right now at the complete opposite life that i want, and the life i live. don't get me wrong. i adore my husband. i just wish that, at the age of 31, i didn't have to live the life of someone much older than i.

i know that right now, i am supposed to suffer. i don't ask "why", i just know i am supposed to be here right now. i am SOOOO thankful for my friends. they show me love. a Godly love. Kris, Meg, Jen, Chris and Cas, my mom... they all give me what i need. Love. if it wasn't for them being there for me, i wouldn't make it through this part in my life. Thank ya'll...
here's a couple pics of happiness:

Monday, July 13, 2009

my personal mission

i have decided to change who i am. i REALLY need to loose 20 pounds and i really want a tattoo. SOOOO i've decided to pay myself $5 for every pound i loose, then by the time i meet my physical goal, i'll be able to afford my tattoo. it shouldn't take more than an hour to get it done, so i think that i could keep it around $100. it would be REALLY cool to meet this goal by november for my birthday. it would finish up this time in our lives too, that i'm really excited to finish. (his chemo is supposed to be done right before my birthday). the tattoo that i'm getting is Romans 5: 3-5. look it up. it'll make sense. if you see me eating or drinking something i shouldn't, as my friends i commission you to kick me in my butt! i feel like God's calling me to ready myself to "be ready" when He does call me to fulfill His mission He has set aside for me. i'm not ready yet, but i will be soon...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

becoming a man

Conor is 10, ok? he needs to start doing things that make him more, well... manly. I think i have done him an injustice by making him his food while i expect Gillian to make her own. I am WAY too easy on him and i realized that when he started complaining that he was bored and tired. his dad will go out and pour concrete while going through chemo, yet his son sits on the couch and plays games. NOPE no more. he wanted to do chores so he can buy a cool "famas" air soft gun. i just killed 2 birds with one stone. i let him earn money and gave him a way to get what he wants while putting his money in savings. he still picked up dog poop and earned some money, but BUILT the gun with dad out of metal AND mowed the lawn. here's some pics:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Girls day out

Gillian has been getting lost in the shuffle with everything going on lately, and she has really been clingy. Yesterday it was obvious that I had to change my priority for her and it has paid off. I promised her a whole day alone with me. Her face lit up and she got really excited. So this morning I told her to get dressed, and we headed out to town for some distraction free fun. We started off with "Ice Age 3D". Totally cool effects. Next was Olive Garden, then a hair cut for her. Then we hit a store to buy a new poster (Twilight again), then came home. I think she got her fill since she has been at the neighbors the rest of the day. It's great to be able to meet HER needs for a day and fill her cup up. She needed to know that she never has to fight for my attention. She will always be my baby girl. Sitting next to her in the theater with our goofy 3D glasses on was just what I needed to remember why I'm here. She needs a mom that will drop anything for her when she needs me. We all need to have someone like that in our lives no matter how old we get.