Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Harry & David, Country Organics, and Shonnie Wolcott

What a day for deliveries!
If you know Shonnie, you know what just saying her name means. A gift basket full of all the fixins for a banana split, and a cool basket, plus a scooper. All decorated with ribbons and sparkles... The kids are in heaven.
On top of that, friends are bringing us amazing meals throughout the week. I have NEVER in my LIFE opened up a box FULL of H&D stuff. Can't wait to dig into all that goodness. And it's like Christmas opening up our juicing box. Just as soon as we finish up all the fruits and veggies, another box appears on the doorstep. AMAZING!
God is not only showing us how big he is, he's making us smile through our tears, whether we want to or not. Last night I dreampt He was like a beautiful peacock, strolling through the woods, over all of the multicolored leaves and mullberries. Sounds odd, i'm sure. Maybe the fact that my front yard is COVERED with red and yellow leaves and mullberries, had something to with that, but the peacock is all Him. He's so beautiful to me.

We are coping, making it through this battle called "medi-cal". I have a feeling this is gonna kill us first. (sorry, bad joke). I can't wait to have that part over with, so he can start chemo. That probably sounds odd too. Who the heck WANTS to start chemo???

Thanks again for all of your love and prayers. We SOOOOOO feel them! We love all of you.


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

My whole staff has prayed for Randy and you all, and I remember you guys everyday. Praying for a miracle. You guys are my heroes!

tammyk89 said...

What fun! Glad you are feeling the love!