Saturday, November 15, 2008

medical terminolgy for dummies:

this is the raidology report ( i snuck a peek) teehee...

1.Ring shaped moderate hypermetabolism is noted in the left axilla at the site of the ill defined soft tissue mass noted on CT scan. This is the site of the chondrosarcoma.
2.Moderate-intense hypermetabolism is noted in the markedly enlarged right adrenal gland. This is stable in appearance from prior CT scan. Findings are concerning for adrenal metastasis versus adrenal adenoma.
3. Focal hypermetabolism is noted in the proximal left humerus, right iliac wing and proximal left femur. Only the right iliac wing shows subtle lytic lesions at this site on the CT scan. Findings are concerning for bony metastasis.

Real words, please?
1. There is still a ring of cancer cells around where the main tumor was in his shoulder.
2. There is a 5.2 x 3.8 cm "growth" on his right adrenal glad, that was eating a lot of the stuff they injected into him. (When it metabolises so quickly, this generally means it's malignant). However it doesn't show the same characteristics of the original tumor, therefore is possibly a whole different cancer!
3. Somewhere on his left arm, and left thigh, there are areas that mirror the same characteristics of the chondrosarcoma, and would carry the same prognosis as the original tumor.

Reading this, i feel the weight and gravity of it all and will probably sit here for a moment and pray/cry, and then go back to getting ready for this trip. PLEASE pray that this is all a mistake. I refuse to go down the bad road yet. If anything has been shown to me these last 3 weeks, is that our God is unbelievably good. He is here with us, and i have FAITH that moves mountains, because Jesus says i do. If you don't agree, take it up with Him. He's taking all my calls this weekend.


Rich Kirkpatrick said...

Praying for you guys... especially for the best of news on this.

Look forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks.

Mary said...

I know the words are easy to say when it is not me standing there looking into your eyes, BUT Remember Romans that is all I can say. I am praying for you!

Tim Scarbrough said...

You guys are definitely in my prayers.

Annie said...

Absolutely keeping you guys constantly in prayer.