Thursday, November 6, 2008

i guess it's time for an update

i put this off a couple of days to digest it.
looking back over my "jam packed day on tuesday" i chuckled. at 7:45, once i was already dropped off at work, and had no vehicle, my phone alarm went off telling me i had jury duty. totally forgot because of the impossible week before. i'm thinking i got my summons the day before randy's surgery, so i spaced it. i was group 6 which is usually due up first. i panicked for a moment, then called a friend who made a call and made it all better. i happened to be on standby. WHEW! didn't mean to "not report for jury duty"...

so after the day continued, i got a call from randy. poor thing had his ct scan then went down to medi-cal, for 4 hours. i am usually the one to handle anything dealing with money for home or the business so he had no idea how to answer some of, well, MOST of the questions, so he came home frustrated and with a lot of homework for me to take care of. it also looks like we won't qualify, so this is a HUGE prayer request. i hate to think of the medical costs of this whole thing, but God is bigger than the people down at the county office. lets just say that day was an emotional roller coaster for both of us.

i just had to go to my last blog to see what day this was, then i remembered the rest of the day.
randy picked me up from work, we ran a couple of errands, got his staples out, voted, picked up the kids, and got the call. the results came back. (i found out more details last night, so i will combine these last two days). they found another "non-related" tumor on his adrenal gland. no big deal, just go in and remove it. (that was the dr's response, trying to keep me calm, since he saw my reaction to the FIRST time the surgeon told me of the OTHER tumor) so no big deal, he has another surgery, and if you're counting, that would put us @ 3... plus even more scars. no biggie. it was the words "unrelated" that got me. what does this mean, ANOTHER type of cancer?!?!? maybe i need to spend more time digesting.

but tuesday ended very well. i came home from running some errands and saw that randy's friends came over that evening and hung out and blessed us in a huge way. THANK YOU GADDY'S!!!!! we have great friends. then mr. cable came over for a couple of rounds of halo 3. i watched the voting results and went to bed. good end to a rough day. i will save the election results for another day.

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West Coast Scrapper said...

Kristen, I just wanted you to know that I have been reading your blog daily and you are always in my thoughts. I know exactly what it is like to watch your husband go through something so devastating and still trying to maintain a "normal" life for the kids. It's tough, but it has brought me closer to God than ever before...because in reality he is the only one who can offer the support that you (or I) really need in a situation like this..if you ever need to talk...let me know. Lisa