Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tour season is upon us again...

Randy leaves tomorrow at noon to head to D.C. for their first show since the Cascade show last October. It has been almost a year since he was diagnosed with cancer. I remember him putting off his surgery, (before we KNEW he had cancer), just so that he could play in Redding. Little did we know, they would have to put off a whole year's worth of touring. A lot of changes have happened in the band this year:

1. Jon Young quit the band
2. Randy went through 14 rounds of chemo
3. Jeremy and Meghan have conceived a baby girl, due in 2 months
4. John Scholfield quit the band
5. I gained 20 pounds!!!
6. We've seen miracles happen almost daily. well maybe weekly, but certainly enough to rejoice daily

It's weird to embrace change, but that's what we have to do. Just take it. Pray over it, then go head strong into the future with our heads held high, and out hearts in God's hands.

I am so thankful to all of our friends, acquaintances, prayer warriors, gift givers, RENT SUPPLIERS... without you guys, this year would have been impossible. We received meals for 4 months (hence most of the 20 pounds i gained. What? it was really good food!)
Our rent was paid for a whole year. Our living expenses too. I've always had a shoulder to cry on, friends to laugh with, and our health. NO ONE GOT SICK THIS YEAR! not one cold or flu. There are some of you, you know who you are, that have given me more than i deserve as far as support and love. Thank you.

so he's leaving in just over 12 hours. i need to go to bed so I'm not an emotional train wreck tomorrow. good night!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Inspiration part 2

I have to admit, and did to Randy, that i was super nervous about yesterday. I know my mom and a couple of friends know too, but i was so worried that yesterday just wouldn't work out. I mean, it's been a year since Randy's really played, much less performed in front of anybody. Plus it wasn't the Myriad, just him playing to Sting, with a sound system that was set up by their new tour manager that i didn't know, giving a speech to the kids which he never does, and in front of our kids WHOLE school. if it went bad, it would be BAD for the kids. BUT... it couldn't have gone better.

First, i have to give kuddos out to Daniel, Jeff and Jed. They showed up with a rocking sound system and everything that Randy needed to sound good. Set up everything (with Gillian's help), and made him sound as fantastic as he possible could in a school cafeteria. The guys will be in good hands on tour with Daniel at the helm. Second, Randy showed just as much enthusiasm as ever and you could tell he was so very happy to be back on his thrown. Third... he was the best speaker i have ever listened to, talking to a group of school kids. (he didn't say "don't do drugs and stay in school") The kids LOVED him. The teachers and principal loved him. Even the cafeteria workers were smiling. Now that's a rare occurrence.

With a week to go til tour, randy shook off the rust that settled in, put that big smile back on his face and has the courage it takes to play in front of hundreds of people, even without his "rock and roll hair". I do see a future for him touring as a speaker in the off Myriad seasons. I feel bad for not having faith in him like i usually do. Sorry Randy... but GOOD JOB!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Inspirational speaker?

On Friday, well, tomorrow, Randy is going to be speaking at our kids school about drumming, and music in general. Last fall, before he got sick, Gillian "shared" her dad in class and it turned into something a little bigger than he expected. They asked him to come back this year for an all school assembly. He so excited. Of course he can't do anything small, so it's going to be a fun 1/2 hour for the kids. Gillian's sooo excited. Conor is too, I'm sure, he's just so darn quiet. It's at 8:30 if any of you guys can make it. It'll be in the gym at Shasta Meadows. you should probably bring ear plugs...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Time to relax

Bubble baths make all things better. Until this week, I've only taken a bubble bath once in the last few years. Not sure why. So last night, i lit some candles, turned up some relaxing music and had a glass of wine, and just soaked until the bubbles were gone. All my cares seemed to fade away, then I cuddled up and went to sleep. I woke up to dogs barking at midnight, but I at least got a couple hours of peace. I'll take it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

oh my goodness

i have the privilege of taking care of a beautiful 17 month, baby girl this week. we are really enjoying her so much. we got into a great routine with school, homework, dinners baths etc... trying to accommodate a toddler in a non-baby proofed home, and then we got a call from the dr. saying that randy had to go back in for chemo this week. we thought it was next week. so on top of working a lot, and detentions, and a sick boy, and trying to get into the swing of school and new teachers, and using "mommy muscles" i haven't used in years, i am running up to the hospital 2 times a day to take randy food and make him feel loved. trying to make sure i'm spending as much time as i can to make my kids feel loved. and all the while wanting my way. i figured out this week that's not possible. i think i'm going to go on a little mini vacation this month between chemo cycles, and BEFORE randy goes in tour. i am about to loose my mind. i do not regret keeping the baby, only that it fell on chemo week. (i have a feeling that the baby's getting sick though, shhhh) wouldn't that be nice, ugh. i brought this all on myself i suppose. i think God's trying to see how far i can stretch without breaking. crying helps. crying and cleaning. the worst part is, the more i clean, more messes keep appearing. stains on the carpet (i'm also keeping their dog too) so i keep cleaning. cleaning and crying... i think i need a nice big hug, a pedicure and some loud music without interruption. i hate turning down the radio to answer a question that usually has something to do with some odd ball trivial thing that is important to an 8 year old, so it should be important to me. (did i mention that i want things my way right now?) enough venting. time to tuck in the kids and clean up the house. again.