Saturday, November 8, 2008

breath...count to 10...

yeah. practice makes perfect.
i have a great day ahead of me. all of my girlfriends are rallying around me to make sure i'm eating and busy. believe me, i am eating. EVERYONE is making sure of it... i do appriciate the love though.
so i am super excited about my day, but there are unseen forces trying to steal my joy. i'm not gonna let it happen. we are leaving the house for the whole day. no tv, video games or phones! it's time for me and the kids to get a new perspective on life, and to do that we have to leave these four walls.
randy got to go out with his guys for the last few days, so instead of staying here waiting for our mighty hunter to come home, we are getting the heck out!!!! :) hopefully the geese will already be cleaned an put into their perspective freezer bags before we return. i am very happy he was able to have his guys distract him for a few days. looking forward to the stories that follow. a conversation i always look forward to over a glass of wine.

if you're reading this, turn off the computer and follow my lead. GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!! enjoy your weekend. monday will be here too quickly.

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