Monday, August 4, 2008

what the heck?

so on friday morning, i was on day 3 of getting closer to being a better pet owner, and getting some excercise at the same time, when our girl dog, tripped me as we were jogging. i can't really move my neck to talk, drive, sleep comfortably, or do anything else that needs to be done. one of which is to go buy more dog food, which is funny to me. ironic for her. bailey is our girl dog, and the most aggressive eater, and because of her, i can't... feed them. that makes me laugh, except that it hurts to, so i will move on.

my friends know that i have a love-hate relationship with my dogs. i love the fact that they are not in the house and hate the fact that i have to feel guilty everyday that Randy is gone, because he spends the quality time with them. he's the one who gets all the benefits of being a pet owner. i get to clean up the poop, (which this morning, was IN the garage), purchase the endless 50lb. bags of dog food, strip the dog hair from everything we own, keep them from barking when they shouldn't, walk, bathe, brush... grrr. i used to pride myself on being a pet lover until i had kids. now whatever time i have left over from being a mom, i spend trying to stay clean. two big labs aren't my idea of play toys.

one, particularly bad day for me and the dogs, my loving husband, who was in florida or hawaii, or somewhere else fun with the band, called, as i was in the midst of cleaning up another chewed up something that didn't belong to the dogs. i was beyond myself and crabby. i think i wanted to stay mad for awhile. it was one of those kinds of days. so my sweet husband, who was, keep in mind, gone for a month and a half at this point, preceeded to tell me to just lay down on the ground, let the dogs lick me and it would cheer me up. i looked around me at the dog hair on the ground, the dogs stareing at me, said a few choice words and thanked him for his "help", and hung up the phone. i still laugh at the differnce in opinion on what would make me happy in this situation. getting licked and mauled by two big filthy hairy dogs would NOT make me happy, but that shows the difference in how we are as pet owners.

so today, all i want to do is go jogging, with or WITHOUT the dogs, and i can't even move. it's a good thing i work at a chiropractic office. it's good that Randy is coming home today, and it's good that i don't have an appetite, because i can't work off any calories for a couple of days to come. so yeah, what the heck? one step forward, two very painful steps back.

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