Friday, August 29, 2008

being comfortable in the silence

i'm not good at it.
if i have any kind of down time, i try to fill it up with meaningless myspace games, cleaning, watching food network and drooling, wishing i had the money to go to a gourmet store so i could make it too...

it seems that after this week, i would want to just curl up in bed and sleep.
i would like to, somewhere deep inside me, but sleep doesn't ever seem to come. even nap time eludes me. someone ALWAYS calls or rings the door bell, the dogs bark, or the kids need something that they have been capable of getting for themsleves for years now.

seeking God out during those times seems to be the last thing i do. i'll try picking up my Bible again, and soaking up the joy that He always gives me when i am bone dry. oh man am i dry. the redding heat and wind hasn't helped. i do find it funny that i pray for silence when the world around me is spinning out of control, but when i have it, i don't know what to do with it. weird.

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