Sunday, August 17, 2008

well, it's over.

or just beginning depending on how you look at it. the swim season ends and the cleanup begins.
the BBQ was fun. a lot of food remains in the frig. that should be a welcomed sight for randy when he gets home. maybe it will make up for the green pool. thank goodness for chemicals.

so to re-cap yesterday's festivities, we have my sis and her family here for the weekend, lots of close friends, all of our extended family, lots of meat, pasta, chips and YUMMY salsa, half empty juice boxes, glass bottles of numerous shapes and colors, one very sticky patio floor, sunburned shoulders, 2 loads of wet towels, (didn't know we had so many towels), an arsenal of toy guns, smiling faces, great conversations, and definitely some fun times...

i am almost ready to transition into the fall. who knows, there might still be time for a little more fun before we hang up our suits for the year.

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