Tuesday, August 19, 2008

day 2

i went through most of the day like a slug. i must admit it was nice. i even fell asleep on the couch around 7 o'clock, just to wake up in a panic realizing that i haven't read with the kids or gotten their clothes ready for school tomorrow. so i checked a few things off my list and tucked them into bed, and was mentally preparing myself for tomorrow. then jeremy came over to check out a project that randy is working on with him. that set "day 2" in motion for me.

the three of us had a great conversation. at that moment i was thankful for my cat nap the hour before. i certainly got my second wind. God showed up again and turned up the heat for me a little more. i thought i was done, that God had given me a day off to digest the previous nights revelations. NOPE! long story short, i got the courage up to talk to randy about some things that are on my heart. i even shared with him some of my blog. it's funny, even in marriage, Satan has a way of separating us from the ones who we should be able to trust our hearts with the most. we chuckled as we talked for a couple hours because we were both afraid to talk to each other about God.... really?!?! wow.

anyways, i've written enough for tonight. but change is coming for the miller's because that's how we roll. we never do the conventional thing, hence randy joining a band in his middle 30's, and our daughter having pink hair. I LOVE IT when we are walking with God. it is way more exciting than anything else this world has to offer.

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