Wednesday, August 27, 2008

providence and dutch bros.?

yup! i do believe in providence.
it was for a day like today that God put a dutch bros. by my house.

i'll set the scene for you:
~i haven't slept well for at least three weeks, so i'm a LITTLE on edge.
~i'm not very nice in the mornings anyways without coffee.
~we ran out, so i was planning on re-heat this morning.
~i woke up to, "honey i have bad news". (the side story here, is that randy was knealing next to conor who was laying on the couch, and my first thought was, "oh man, conor's sick, so i will go grab a cup of coffee, and then figure out what to do next...)
~randy, "we're out of coffee........and i dumped the re-heat because i wanted to make you a fresh pot."
~me, "you dumped the re-heat?"

he stayed for about 2 minutes, then was like "uh, i gotta go..."

so i battled through the morning, and i mean battled. then dropped the kiddos off at the bus stop and made a mad dash to dutch bros. to grab my carmely soy goodness. i also got to see derrick, "hi derrick", and a poster on the window for the myriad concert coming up soon. i looked at the picture of randy, and thought to myself, 'you are so lucky buddy'.

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