Sunday, February 28, 2010

I can't be quiet any longer

So for two weeks now, i've wanted to sit down and blog about something that is super important to me, and it took tonights sermon to get me to actually do it. This may be repetitive for some of you, but i think there is a genuine misconception about what is considered healthy in todays age of fast food and convenience. We have obviously had our feet held to the fire this last year and a half, and have had to find our way to the truth the hard way. We have been blessed though, to have 2 great friends who have been consistent with their lifestyle, and even though it took years of being friends with them, they have rubbed off. The Cable's have had it right all along. (well Cassie with the healthy eating, and Chris with his dedication to their "soon to be" farm) They have understood the importance of organic food, exercise and spiritual well being.

After reading, researching and watching "Food Inc." (thanks Amy for the suggestion), we can no longer cover our eyes and act like there's not a bad guy there standing right in front of us. The choices that we are making are literally killing us. Many people have been scratching their heads and wondering, "how did Randy get cancer?" the answer is painfully obvious now. It's all about his lifestyle. Not just his eating habits but his spiritual self as well. I'm not talking about his walk with God, but his actual spiritual being within him.

If we took a second to look at our lives, really look, and be honest with ourselves, it would only take a moment to realize our ideas for what we think are good for us, is soooo far away from the life God has created us to have. I cannot say enough about this right now, but i hope that you can stop right now and pray for God to show you the truth about what He wants for you, before you end up in the same boat we are, trying to undo all the harm that we have caused ourselves over the years. STOP EATING FAST FOOD, watch Food Inc., do more than just "take the stairs" to get healthy, get out and MOVE, get some sunshine, vitamin D is GOOD for you, you need it. Make better choices for yourself and stop blaming everyone else for what we've become. Educate yourself. Once you know the truth about what makes us sick, it's up to YOU to change. No one else will do it for you. (maybe i'm being a little harsh, but i guarantee it's a little easier than being "cut, poisoned and burned" as Randy put it, trying to get rid of the cancer that is trying to consume him). Have a great night :)


West Coast Scrapper said...

I read the book "Skinny Bitch" and ever since I have not been able to eat meat...and for a while couldn't eat dairy....that was almost 2 years ago and I admit I have slipped and not ate as I did after I read it. I have tried to buy as much whole foods as I can, but I HATE to it's hard to find a balance....good luck and I think you are on the right track! :)

kristyn miller said...

Lisa, that's the best part. RAW food is the best thing for you. No cooking needed. just wash and eat. simple.

Bethany Joy Hardy said...

I understand your passion about this. Its something always in the back of my head, and I can feel myself going toward healthy eating. Every day, every year is a new step and We are getting closer to the goal. For us we can make the change over night. Our eyes need to be opened a little bit at a time. One day we will be eating only whole foods. I can see it.=) Love you guys!

Collord-Dodson Ponderings said...

Wow! I think God is speaking to me... through you and other sources, Kristyn! We watched Food Inc yesterday, and I've been reading a lot about the stuff we've been exposed to as well as the stuff we have deliberately put into our bodies not knowing how damaging it's been. We have got to turn things around.
Blessings on your efforts. We're still praying for you and Randy and the kids.
Vonnie Dodson