Friday, February 19, 2010


this has been a very different week for us. i guess the last 2 have been. We have been transitioning from eating and drinking whatever we were in the mood for, and not exercising, to working out hard daily and eating mostly veggies and drinking water. i still have my cup of coffee in the morning and and a glass of wine at night with dinner, but i'm noticing a change in my body and how i feel about myself. i'm starting to realize what i don't need in my life. the biggest factor that i look at is: does it bring me more stress than joy? there are some stressful things that we can't change like cancer and school, but we can drop some of the crap that makes us feel toxic so that we can deal with the other things we can't change. Food was an easy thing to change since we know better and have motivation to change our bodies. The harder one is relationships.

There are people that maybe should just be kept at a distance, not because they are bad people, but because they bring out the worst in us, therefore making us less than we can be. Just like saying no to Red Robin fries and eventually not wanting them anymore because you've changed your taste buds, we can do the same thing with people. If you know they aren't nourishing you and making you whole, then maybe it's just about time to start saying "no". It may suck for awhile, but eventually your mind will come back into alignment with your heart and you WILL feel better. You heart is a vital part of who you are. It deserves to be protected.

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