Thursday, February 4, 2010

Details and goals

1st things 1st. we have TIME! Time to do a lot of the things we thought were ripped from us a couple of weeks ago. The dr's are very happy with Randy's strength and lack of symptoms. Like Randy said, if they didn't tell him he had cancer you wouldn't know. His lack of symptoms gives us options to try some alternative stuff, and that's good enough for us. We were jaw on the floor, asking "are you sure?", looking at each other with tears in our eyes shocked to hear the word "years" not "months" come from the dr's mouth. when i say years... i mean two-ish. who knows? it could be more than that.
The alternative stuff is a "cancer drug" that is NOT chemo, but also something that i can't pronounce.What it does is hopefully keep the tumors from growing by cutting off their blood supply. It isn't FDA approved to "heal" sarcomas, but has been used by Stanford with great results. An example: A girl with the same cancer as Randy, taking the same drugs for 17 months is STILL healthy and symptom free, although the tumors still are present. We may not be able to grow old together, but i don't have to start saying goodbye yet. That brings me to our goals.

Randy is on fire to change his body from the inside out. He's joining the gym tomorrow. He can't lift heavy weights because of the tumors in his bones, but can still get some of the results he is looking for. His diet is going to change, and he's the one taking control of it, not me forcing him to drink carrot juice. He is going to heal his body with positive thinking, prayer and allowing his spirit to heal him. It's the WHOLE package.
For me, i am going to go to college and get a degree and put myself on a strict diet/exercise plan as well. As Randy puts it, "make myself a catch for Mr. Right someday". I'm trying not to be too offended by that. He does know how to motivate me though. Make me mad, and I can move mountains. I just want to be more independent and well rounded of a person and not have to rely on anyone but God to provide for me and the kids someday. Who wants a needy wife anyways?
(and Clyde, i will try hard not to push people away and accept help when needed, deal?)
That's all that i can think of right now. Any ideas what i should go to school for???


Pearcia LaPointe said...

You two amaze me. We are praying for you all. I think you should go to school to be a Dietitian. You love food already and if you and Randy are looking to change your bodies from the inside out, this knowledge would be VERY helpful.
When I lived in Mill Valley there was a Dietitian that was reversing osteoporosis, and yes, cancer for his clients with food and exercise!!! Amazing!

mary said...

something social. you have been through a lot in the last year and would be a great motivateor for someone else that needs support.

Karen said...

Great news about Randy. When we least expect it, we see God's hand moving again. I'll keep you in my prayers and share this with Adam and the rest of the office. I am thinking the dietitian route sounds good. It fits for both of you!!! Stay strong...and weep when needed!!

Kim said...

Thanking God for the "better than expected" news. Encouragement to go forward. You are an amazing family. With love...Kim

cgrace said...

AWESOME!!!! Praising God for what he does and how he loves us.

Degrees...hum... well you can have one of mine! LOL! Seriously, what makes you come alive when you do it? Does that make sense?

BTW: You've got a deal ;-)

Your friend in the fight,

barretthouse said...

Hi Kristyn,
I don't know you very well, but my boys (Jake & Dylan) absolutely love Randy and always say what a cool guy he is. We've been reading your blogs for updates on what you guys are facing so that we can be praying. A while back, I felt really lead to (but didn't :/) share with you what a gifting God has given you for writing. Your blogs are awesome, even when dealing with some really difficult issues. I don't know what kind of careers there are out there involving writing, but I for one would definitely buy a book if you wrote it. Blessings, Valerie

Annie said...

I believe you could do well at anything you love. Such awesome news! Hugs and prayers, as always.