Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life Group

aaahhhh. it was SO nice to be back in a group. We abruptly stopped our last one right after Randy's surgery. I remember our last Thursday night meeting, praying for the surgery the next day to go well to remove a "swollen Lymph node". I don't think anyone had any idea that this is where we would've ended up. I sure didn't. I shared last night that i am so thankful for the members of our last group, because they were there from the beginning and I know have prayed all along. Imagine my surprise to see most of my favorite people in this world in our new group last night. Hopefully next week Randy can make it. (we were short a babysitter and tried to leave them home alone. I think that lasted 5 minutes?) Just being in a group setting was refreshing and uplifting to see that we were all on the same page. No drama. I went home fully able to conquer anything. Looking forward to Wednesdays :)

P.s. ~
Randy had a PET scan and CT scan yesterday and will have a bone scan tomorrow. He was really sick yesterday from the drink they make you drink and the injection of whatever poison they put into the I.V. during the procedure. Imagine laying still for a long time trying really hard not to throw up! yuck!!!! Tomorrow they inject isotopes 3 hours before the scan, then he goes back three hours later for the actual scan. THEN WE WAIT THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ali Lipski said...

I am anxiously awaiting the results and praying hard for good news!!
And I totally hear you about being at a life group. Kenny and I did our first "real" life group last semester, and are unable to this time. It was soo hard to leave that group. They are definitely a great release and time of fellowship! :) I'm happy for yoU!

mary said...

We had bible study tonight and prayed for you. My friends and I have been praying for Randy and you every week....imagine total strangers(accept me ;-) ) praiseing God in advance for the great things He is doing for Randy and praying for strength for you! Well sweetheart that is the reality of your situation. You have touch many people! We all wait patiently for the results!