Sunday, January 10, 2010

it's time for some down time

this last week was relentless. i am so exhausted. lots of work. that's a good thing. now i have 4 days off. never been this excited to stay home. ever. maybe my house will get clean now.

wednesday, randy has his scans. then we have to wait til monday to see the results. gonna be a week of faith building. please keep him in your prayers.

totally random, but i was given a calender for christmas, and i feel so much better about myself. i can look at it and plan ahead instead of waiting for my phone calender to beep at me and tell me what i'm doing next. it looks like wednesdays are the busiest.

now, if some friends could update their blog too, i could feel complete... ;)
have a great week friends!

1 comment:

Amy Culp said...

Enjoy your days off...I will be praying for good news on the scans:)