Thursday, March 19, 2009

laser tag, car exaust and 10 year old boys

... let me tell you, the smell in my truck was oh so manly.

was it worth it? heck yeah! laser tag is so much fun. all the kids and "big kids" had fun. everyone got super sweaty, some cooled off by driving go-carts, and ended up smelling like a trucker, and then there's the mixture of 3 boys who might start including deodorant in their daily routine, all mixed into one overwhelming smell in my truck. i have never enjoyed a kids birthday as much as conor's last night. then there was the sugar rush at the end of the night with ice cream, and a sour candy contest, and video games. REALLY GOOD TIMES!
i think for gillian's birthday, i posted a pic of her as a baby, so i feel the need to extend that love for conor, so here ya go:
i think this is the last time i can post a pic of him.... hahahaha. i do miss this age. Happy birthday Conor!