Monday, December 1, 2008


This is the day Randy's 300 march off to battle.
If I have ever know a warrior as strong and unbeatable as Leonidas, it's my husband!
The difference is, this battle is already won. He will return home to his family triumphant, albeit a little battle worn, but he will return none the less.
He has his soldiers seen and unseen, by his side.
The battle cry has been sounded, and we are ready to fight!

We begin our own 3 day battle today. Our Thermopylae is Mercy hospital. I will keep you posted each night. Thanks again for all of your prayers! Love all of you!


Pearcia LaPointe said...

We haven't met yet, but I wanted to introduce my family. We've attended the stirring for about 4 months now and are constantly amazed at how God moves in His Body. I know He is moving in your family. Although my husband and I agreed to fast and pray for Randy and your family on the 7th, we wanted you to know we've decided to pray for your family every day in December.

Lord, I thank you for your strength that we can draw from. Please be near to the Millers and their children as they enter into the world of chemo. This burden is heavy, but we praise you that you can carry this for them. Give Randy strength, joy, peace, comfort, and courage as he starts this process. Teach him who he is, show him how he's helped others, and heal his pain. We love you and praise you for being bigger than all of us. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Meghan said...

Kris-it was fun hanging out with you guys at your Thermopylae this afternoon. I love yours and Randy's constant positivity, even in the midst of tubes into his heart and the coming chemo treatments. It truly is something I've never seen. Just a little quote from Randy that made Jeremy and I laugh whilst driving home: "tell everyone to pray for the cancer. it doesn't stand a chance!" He is such a strong warrior, and we're surrounding you all in prayers. Even though today was our prayer and fasting day, we'll be on our knees for the rest of this. Love ya!

Amelia said...

I am amazed at yours and Randys amazing faith and strength it is so encouraging. You guys will constantly be in my prayers. And remember if you ever need babysitting let me know. 949-5386

Dusty said..., I am not even sure if you remember me or not. Nathan and I were pretty much attached at the hip growing up and I have a vague memory of him & I starting a decent sized fire in your back yard one time. You are my second friend in a year that I have learned has a rare & aggressive form of cancer. All I can say is we are sending nothing but positive hope in your direction. My other friend is a world champion triathlete and she has a saying printed on her bike and her racing jersey...."Powered By God" Her faith has brought her a long ways in the last year and I am sure yours will serve you well.

Fight the fight Randy.


Mary said...

You know who your true friends are when you go through this and God surrounds you with the world! Prayers are surrounding you through all this. Through times of weakness and strength God will guide you on the journey He has chosen. Randy is totally right "the cancer doesn't have a chance" not with Christ's warriors on the move...anything you need love, it is just a short drive. away!

Annie said...

It's a big fight, but God wins. I'm wearing orange every day until all his chemo is done...Lorra said that it's Randy's favorite color!