Friday, December 26, 2008

tales from the hospital

well, that was dramatic. 

randy says hi to everyone, and merry christmas. he's doing great today. yesterday was tuff on him. he helped Conor assemble a star wars lego ship... thing, and ended up with a migraine. it ruined the rest of his day. bummer...  this is one christmas that we won't forget. me and the kids had an eventful day. it started off real well. we got to join in with the Cables to go hand out gifts at the Manor. then we came up to the hospital to visit, went to grammy and papa's then dinner with Tommy's family, checked in with Randy, who was out cold, picked up my nephew for the night, then went to bed...

it was such a whirlwind. we are super excited about New Years Eve. That is the one holiday that we get to enjoy. There is no drama or stress and we get to eat crab. YUMMY! i need to save a special glass of wine for the evening. ahhhh. so much to look forward to.

he should get to come home tonight if all goes well. he just has one more round of chemo this evening, then they have orders to release him. it's good to have amazing dr's and nurses. they are making things a lot easier on us.  have a great weekend. we plan on it!

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