Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day 4. End of the 1st cycle

he got to come home today. he ended the last of this round of chemo around midnight last night, and was gleefully awaiting my arrival this morning. unfortunately we still had to wait for the dr. to release him, but they made it as quick as they could. i love the nursing staff up at mercy. they are beyond sweet and helpful. they taught me how to do most of his home care, and set us up with a home care nurse starting tomorrow. the main focus is the grochong cath in his heart. here's a pic:

it has to stay in for the duration of chemo. just shy of 27 weeks to go...and yes, it is sutured in there and will eventually fuse to his skin, just to be cut out in the end. not looking forward to that! if you look close you can see the "vein" looking thing up by his collarbone. it goes into his skin, up to his collarbone, then turns and goes strait down into his heart.
all in all, it was a pretty good day. he ate a couple bites of real food, and kept it down. he just doesn't have an appetite. hopefully that will pick up soon. any ideas?
we are happy to have our good friend Rich K. here. it's nice to see all of his friends rallying around. just don't forget, if you visit and are sick, i will kick you in the gut. regardless, use the hand sanitizer. it's by the front door. and don't be offended if i remind you. we can't have him getting sick or else it means another hospital stay. you know those new, first time moms and how freaked out they get when you sneeze, then ask to hold their newborn baby? well, that's me. don't believe me? ask anyone who's walked within a 10 foot radius of him this last week! :)


Carrie Schmeck said...

I am thinking of you and Randy and praying for you all day, everyday. I look forward to the day when Randy can skewer me again with one of his flying broken drumsticks cause that will mean he is playing again with gusto. Take care my friends.

Annie said...

So awesome that he's home. I'm rockin' orange earrings every single day, as Lorra said it's his favorite color. Every time someone comments on them, or I see them in the mirror, it's my reminder to pray.