Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

we are sitting in a quiet, dark hospital room trying enjoy the day as best we can. i am enjoying this relaxing time actually. this morning was a rough start for me. my nerves are shot. i thought i could trick myself into thinking our early Christmas was going to make up for him being in the hospital, but as the time passes and i go home alone every night, it really starts to bug me. at least we are able to be with each other, unlike so many families who are separated or are in the military, so i guess i can't complain too much. i am touched by the people who support us and love on us. i think i always tend to get sentimental around Christmas anyways. sorry if i have some across as being grouchy. i don't mean it. i am truly being as positive as possible. 

randy is doing well still. he will get to come home on friday night or saturday. not sure yet. i am excited because i think that when he gets home, he will still be up to hanging out for new years. i'll take that holiday with him for sure.  

well, merry christmas guys. hope that you have a blessed day with your friends and family.  hope to see you guys soon. lots of love from the miller's.


Juan said...

Merry Christmas! I hope Randy enjoyed his Chinese food!!!

Tim Scarbrough said...

Merry Christmas Kristyn. All my love to you and your family.

Pearcia said...

Merry Christmas Miller family! Sending you love, prayers, and lots of warm fuzzies!

Carrie Schmeck said...

kristyn, you are allowed to be grouchy my dear. You've got enough else on your plate...don't beat yourself up as well! I'll say it for you, "This sucks." There. It's true.

Praise to our Lord that He will give you the strength to endure, even if you don't like it (which is OK by the way).

Tell our Drummer Boy that we are thinking of him as a drummer boy of long ago who played his best for a very special baby.

Praying for you continuously. Merry Christmas from the Schmecks.

Mary said...

It is okay to complain, you don't have to put on a perfect face, and say all is okay. It isn't! Not by our human standards, Remember this is God's Journey. He never said it would be easy, He just wants it to glorify Him. Praise God for your blessings, but you don't have to like this part of the journey. Focus on the blessings and the rest leave up to God!