Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Monday!

i don't think i really had a weekend. if i did, i didn't get much done. that's what monday's are for right? i am actually excited to go to work tomorrow, because i know there is work there waiting for me. that's a good thing. there's orders to process, phone calls to make, stuff to organize. i have a purpose. but the benefit is that i can leave it there, unlike stuff at home.

i finally decided to sit down, go through bills, get my household organized. i realized that if we are to get on the right track financially, we had to start out by figuring what we owe. that's when a beer entered in, but only one, and i consider it dinner. i'm sure that Nate will deal with me soon enough since i seem to be the biggest elephant in the room when it comes to drinking, but until then, i will enjoy my pumpkin ale. it's VERY good BTW. yummy.

i realized that our finances are so out of control, that years of "greed" and lack of health insurance, left us in a position that we can't even pay for Randy to have the surgury he needs, because we have no savings, and A LOT of medical debt already. so i wrote it all down, wrapped a rubber band around it, and stuck it in my bible to remind me to pray over it. this should be a very humbling experience. but at least we have a start. sigh.

i hate it when Nate makes sense. it makes me act. stop it would ya?


cable said...

God will present a solution for Randy's surgery. I believe this. Is Randy up for bible study on Wednesday night, I'll call the other guys.
Also, I think Harvest Moon should have added a little more spice to the pumpkin ale.

kristyn miller said...

Bible study would be a great thing. He can really use his brothers. Thanks.
Harvest moon knows how to make a great beer. I'm glad someone turned me on to it. It's definitly a meal in a bottle though. Something to take time to enjoy.