Saturday, October 25, 2008

protective fog

that is the gift God has given to me today.
the abilty to not feel too much.

randy's gift: Norco...

i feel an overwhelming presence of peace right now.
i know that the time will come where our nerves are raw, but thankfully some sleep came last night, and that helped a lot. we feel very loved and taken care of. thanks to all of you.

randy is resting and if i can keep him from moving his arm, he doesn't hurt too bad. he's very aware, and has been, from the begining time in recovery, of what's going on. they told us that he wouldn't remember too much until today, but of course they were wrong. they obvioulsy don't know him. he actually prayed for ME last night. that started the tears again, but then the drugs kicked in and he went off to lala land, so he didn't have to watch me cry.
thanks again for your prayers.
We can't wait to take off the bandages. i think he's excited about the scars. he thinks it'll make him look tough. i tell him it's his guns that do that, but, hey, i can't begrudge him a couple battle wounds. he won't let me near him with vitamin E...

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