Thursday, October 2, 2008

well... we got ANOTHER dog

but she kicks butt. this is providence. here's the LONG story:
moday: got a call from my mom saying that there's a lady that had a dog. she lost her job and had to move out in three days. she has a dog, that she can't take with her, and asked if they knew anyone who wanted her.

monday evening: me and my mom went to pick her up, yet she had "run away". (didn't know she was picked up by haven humane)

wednesday afternoon: i call Haven Humane to see if she had been accosted. yes she had. i was informed of my rights. i decided to go purchase her that afternoon, but was told she would be $85 because i wasn't the "owner". the "owner" had 4 days to claim her. (she was picked up monday, you do the math. Monday plus 4 means the "owner" has until thursday at closing to claim her).

Thursday morning: i call H.H. they inform me she was "adopted". Really? how is this possible? she is still in the "4 day's" the "owner" has to claim her. i start crying and call my mom. all i have to say is my mom kicks some major bootie. she found the "owner's" and took them down to claim her. they told them she was adopted even though they we're allowed to adopt her out til the next day. she shows them a picture of her. they tell her to "go find her in the kennel". guess what? she's not there. BECAUSE THEY HID HER, BECAUSE SOMEONE "IN HOUSE" WANTED TO KEEP HER!!! that didn't fly with my mom. Oh NO!! she politely told them a few things, and now i have my puppy. WOOHOO!!!

the rest of the story:
my SWEET husband didn't want her, because:
1. she was a puppy and would poop and or pee all over the house. NOPE! completely potty trained.
2. she would bark all the time. NOPE! not one peep out of her even though there has been at least 10 knocks at our door this afternoon alone.
3. she was only $45. (just the cost of liscense) Take that H.H.!!!! hahahahhaha

in all honesty, this is the coolest dog in the whole world. she is a maltese/ chihuahua mix. all white and fluffy, with a brown nose and brown eyes like a chihuahua. ADORABLE and sweet. she follows me EVERYWHERE and cuddles with randy, to his own annoyance. HAHAHAHA!!! i was right. neener neener neener. yes i feel like a 6 year old right now. here's some pics:


Tim Scarbrough said...

Congratulations on your new family member.

Mary said...

wow sounds like someone upstairs wanted you to have a dog...she is cute and way better than a plain chiuacheaafdjkfjsak, or however you spell it! Adorable! Someday I will met her and eat off your wonderful dishes!