Sunday, September 7, 2008

what is worship?

is it swaying side to side to the music?
is it raising your arms and hands on a Sunday, just because everyone else does?
is it falling face down in the isle of the church floor?

if it is for you, then God bless you. i admire your courage. i look up to you, and am maybe a little jealous that you are at that point in your journey. maybe it is the first time you have really heard God speak to you. maybe you have followed Christ for years, and God brought you back to a time of reverence. that's AWESOME! (that one was for Nate) i love the fact that we worship in a community that allows us to worship in the way we feel led, just as we live in a country that allows us to vote as we see fit. but is all worship the same?

i have attended "the other church". i have been told i was too different from the rest, to please take it down a notch... what i have learned from that experience is this:
God created everyone different. He created us to be in awe of Him, to fall at His feet. but also to live for Him. to fight for Him. isn't worship something we do on a daily basis? isn't it in the way we treat our spouses and our children? does it count when i hold my friends hand when they are in distress or wipe away their tears and pray for them? isn't that worship?

i believe that God wants our love and devotion. He loves when we fall at his feet, but if we are always in the posture of kneeling down and anointing His feet with oil or perfume, when are we going to live the life that He created us to live? LOVE YOUR GOD~THEN RISE~ AND GO FORTH INTO THE LAND AND PROCLAIM HIS GLORY!!!!! let your life be worship unto Him.

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