Thursday, September 25, 2008

my boss doesn't read this, so no worries about kissing butt.

a friend of mine blogged a little while back about how great his job is. at the time i hadn't started my new job yet. i read it and thought, yeah his boss is a great guy, my friend seems to be happy, good for him. it must be nice to be appreciated, blah blah blah. (no really, i was really happy for him). anyways, i didn't truly understand how you could be so happy at work. then i got it.

usually, work is a drag. somewhere that you have to go to make money. there is always something that you don't like about it. maybe your hours are too long, not getting paid for what you do, don't like your co-workers etc... but nope. things are so perfect. i get just enough hours to stay busy, yet i get off in time to pick up my kids after school. i am qualified to accomplish the tasks without looking dumb or making too many mistakes. My boss is the best teacher/trainer. we get each other. he couldn't be any sweeter. the pays's great. it's close to home. i love the products we sell. i tell you, i think i will have to fight my friend, job for job and see who comes out on top. LOL. it's funny what happens when you let God have control over your life. he puts people and opportunities in front of you and you just have to reach out and grab it.

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