Tuesday, September 9, 2008

11 years ago...

...we said goodbye.
i really wish you guys could have met him.
he prepared me for this life that i have. he taught me how to change the oil in the car, how to cook, how to never give up no matter how crappy the situation, what to look for in a husband and father for my future children. sadly he never met them.
i eagerly await the day i get to hug him again.
july 21 1947 ~ september 9 1997
50 years was NOT enough.


Amy said...

Sorry for your loss. It sounds like he was a great man.

Vicki Aday said...

Kristyn, I used to work with your Mom at Loralies and I had the pleasure of meeting your Dad on several occassions. He was a wonderful man and you could see the amazing love he had for his family. I attended his funeral and I remember being moved by all of the lives he had touched. I can't believe it's been 11 years. My prayers are with you as you are remembering him today.