Thursday, November 18, 2010

live for the here and now!

a FEW people over the last couple of weeks have given advice on how to cope with loosing a spouse. there are some that makes sense and some that just isn't me, but this is one thing that started a whole conversation, that really got me to thinking about life in general.
"just keep your eyes fixed on heaven, you'll be with him soon".
very sweet and very true, but if i find it's hard to do my work here on earth, if i'm always looking up. God put me here for a reason. i am not supposed to be in heaven right now. God separated heaven and earth, numbered our days, and then put us in the game. if a player is out on the field, constantly yearning to be on the sidelines, he's gonna get bowled over!
it's also like when you're a kid, counting the days until you're an adult, and trying to be older than you really are, you miss out on being a kid. why would i want to fast forward through my life, that's already going too fast? i need time to finish my task here on earth.

our spirits have a natural reaction to fight to stay here. i saw my superman do that for weeks. that drive is God given. He did not place in me a faint heart, too afraid to live life with boldness. He did however leave a hole in my heart that only He can fill. looking at the sky is not going to fill that. reading His word, loving His children, and fighting hard for what He stands for, fills that hole enough, until He heals it WHEN i get to heaven. i know that i will get there someday, but just like going on vacation, you don't start packing in December if you're not leaving til June. there's work to be done first, or else you won't even be able to afford the trip!

live your life in such a way that you don't leave this life empty handed. God won't mind if you bring a few extra guests with you. the more the merrier!


Kim said...

Beautiful post. God bless your steps as you continue on in the journey with your family.

Annie said...

Amazing. I want to frame your words and remember them always. Thank you. You are an amazing blessing.

Amy @ Increasingly Domestic said...

You are so right! I love how you worded this:)

Tyrene said...

Wow, your very talented with your words. They are heartfelt and get through to the reader. You should write a book.

The Hendriks Three said...

So beautiful & encouraging. You are so wise kristyn. Continuing to pray for you & your family.