Thursday, October 7, 2010

i need help to blog this...

instead of writing how i "feel" about Randy dying, how 'bout i let my friends fill in the blanks...

randy is:______________
we are:_______________
God is:________________
the best way to get through this is:__________________
my friends are:_________________

k. let me know your thoughts, then i'll give more details later.


Mimi Moseley said...

Randy is: LOVE
We are: LOVE
God is: LOVE
The best way to get through this is: LOVE
My friends are: LOVE

Annie said...

OK, Mimi took my first idea, but here goes:

Randy is: the face of love
We are: together in love
God is: our reason for love
The best way to get through this is: by loving
My friends are: filled with love for you

Lorraine said...

Randy is: the best brother I could ask for.
We are: in this together.
God is: above all of this pain we are feeling.
The best way to get through this is: trusting in God.
My friends are: standing beside you every step of the way.

mary said...

Randy is: amazing and picked by God
We are: blessed by God
God is: in control
The best way to get through this is: trust that this is the journey God has allowed you to go on and that is all any of us can do.
My friends are: willing to do anything for your family...

Rahna said...

Randy is inspirational.
We are prayed for daily
God is not worried about what the future holds for you.
The best way to get through this is by relying on God minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.
My friends are desperately wanting to make this better, easier, more manageable for you.

john said...

Randy is: Chosen
We are: Family
God is: Good. Always
The best way to get through this is: Choose to live life well. ;+)

chris cable said...

Randy is: the strongest man I know. A legacy.
We are: family!
God is: Eternally good.
The best way to get through this is: surround yourself with family and friends.
My friends are: the ones that are there by your side, till the end and beyond.

Jossalyn said...

Randy is: one of Gods perfect angels; a father who loves his children and a husband who loves his wife.
We are: all here for you no matter what you need.
God is: the solid Rock that you can lean on through this time
The best way to get through this is to surround yourself with your children,they are a constant reminder of why you keep going. Your sister and your mother will be your people to cry on. Everyone else will help you continue to stand.

Carrie Schmeck said...

Randy is: still here.
We are: here with him.
God is: smarter than we could ever hope to be.
The best way to get through this is: to savor each moment you are given.
My friends are: still praying.

patrick hardy said...

Randy is: Filled with Joy.
We are: Blessed because of him.
God is: with you always.
The best way to get through this is: Worship.
My friends are: Close. Closer than they feel.

I have no idea how you guys are doing, or feeling.. I will never understand the full weight of this whole situation and I wouldn't even think of trying to act like I am fully aware of it all.

When I found out that my mom was shot and killed in an instant, I was shocked, confused, and deeply saddened.. I felt like I was robbed of something, my mother. She was 53 years old, and she was gone forever.

I talked to her on the phone that same day, probably a few hours, before she was shot.. It was a normal conversion, a chance to say goodbye.

God was setting things up before I even knew it.. He was preparing me for something big.. He also helped me through everything that I had to do after finding out about her death.

Friends and family were really important, even though I really didn't feel like talking to anyone or want their help, I had no choice.. I needed to be around people. I needed help. My son was really helpful through that process too. It was as if he knew something was wrong, and wanted to help. He was close to me and was really cuddly and clingy.

I guess I really just want to let you know that even though I am not you, or your kids, I know that you will be taken care of in this hard time. God knows what you will need, and is already setting things in place.

We are coming up to Redding Wednesday Oct. 20th - Sunday 24th. It would be good to come visit, but even if we don't get the chance just know that The Hardy's love the Miller's and will never forget the times that we have spent with you guys.

The Hardy's
We Love You.

Foster Lovelace said...

Randy is: An inspiration

We are: All heavens

God is: love.

I know that I haven't really talked to you Kristyn except for before going on tour with the guys and during while I was helping Randy put a new patch on every night. I know your getting words left and right and though alot of them are sympathy, they can't come close to the depths of what you and your young ones are going through. I can't imagine, I have never experienced it yet but think about sometimes what it would be like. And with that makes me want to give my parents a hug every chance that I get.

Randy inspires me. Even though I have only known him for a few years, he has spoken words into my life that has changed me forever, something that I hold on to. Going on tour with the guys was something different, something I had never experienced before with all the types of atmospheres and getting things organized and just the flow of things, Randy knew this and I'd like to say he took me under his wing. He was there for me to talk to, he wanted to know when things were up or if things weren't right.... He was there for me. They all were there when I "fell in love on tour", and Randy and I would talk about love, life and things in between. The words that he spoke to me that I will never forget is to never live a what if life, to always dream with my arms wide open and to not let anyone ever tell me that i'm not worthy enough. He left a big fingerprint in my life and will remember his inspiration, friendship, and life he has given me. I am beyond thankful.

God is holding you and your family tight in his arms. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers. If you get a chance also could you tell Randy that he's on my heart too?

God bless,
Foster Lovelace*

nest flipping said...

Randy is: a Warrior of God.

We are: so very blessed to have him in our life as he has touched so many & will forever remain in our hearts.

God is: all knowing & shall never forsake him or us.

The best way to get through this is: knowing Randy is called to a place where he is needed & we shall come together again.

My friends are: always with me & shall stand by me forever.

my heart is so very heavy today... i am so glad to have you in our life. Please know that you are in our family and always will be. We love you and pray for you daily. You & Randy and the kids♥, have given us so much to be thankful for... we are blessed to be a part of your lives. We're here for you.