Sunday, November 22, 2009

what a beautiful morning

i decided to go outside to have my cup of coffee this morning. it looks so cool outside today. it took at least 10 minutes before i got too cold to go in. my big dogs wanted to play ball so bad, but i like to wake up slow, so i threw the ball into the pool to buy me some time. it works great. they were too cold to jump right in like they usally do, so they stood on the side of the pool WILLING it to come to them. i kept watching them, and they didn't move, so i grabbed my camara to share. they are still there...working on their jedi mind trick.
then i looked at more poor jalepeno plant that is now dead, because randy turned off the sprinkler system off before he went on tour. i didn't know that. so anyways, i looked and out of this dead plant is a jalepeno growing all on it's lonesome. i can't believe it. i'm so proud of it.


Amy Culp said...

I love the jedi mind trick:) Poor dogs.

cable said...

I have LOTS of extra jalapenos to share.