Wednesday, November 11, 2009

it's been awhile, sorry

hey guys. finally a day off. no running kids to school, no hospital visits, or houses to clean. Randy's home playing games with the kids, watching it rain, and he couldn't be happier. Last week he finished his last week-long bout in the hospital. He still has 2 more, 1 day treatments. One right before Thanksgiving and his last one right after our vacation. It's has been such a long year, but leaving the hospital at 11pm on saturday night, all of his nurses surrounded us (including Roxy) and hugged and said their goodbyes. They all know he won't be back to visit. Most people rarely do when their done. It's just not a good reminder of time spent somewhere. All of his nurses were incredible! They made things as comfortable for all of us as they could, and even spoiled the kids with ice cream when i wasn't looking. I just laughed when they thought i would be mad...

Life has some new turns to make. It seems like we have been going in circles for the last few years, but God has used this cancer thing as a way of creating change in Randy. He is finally going to persue a music career full time, and learn how to be a "better drummer". I think he's the greatest already, but practice never hurt anyone. The kids are copeing as best as they can and growing up rather quickly. Gillian's moving into her own room this weekend. Conor is devistated but it will be something that will help him grow into the great young man he's becoming. Not too many changes for me right now, but i'm ok with that. Someone has to keep the roof on the house.

I'm going to sit back today and just soak in the calmness, the rain and homecooking. Maybe even read a book. God bless the Veterens and their families, and thank you for your love.

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