Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, we're hopefully at the halfway point with chemo. He goes in for round 9 today. Of course it's not without added stress. Gillian came home from school throwing up (from the ibuprofen we gave her to get rid of the headache), and ended up with a fever/sore throat all day yesterday, and still has it. So now I get to figure out what to do with a sick kiddo while we go to his dr's appointment and then to the hospital. Which now of course means that Conor will probably get sick, and he has a huge book report due, and a camping trip this weekend with his boy scouts. Is he gonna get sick before and miss the trip, or after and I get to drive hours to go bring him home. PLUS I have Relay for Life this weekend. Randy was supposed to be home from chemo already, so he was going to have the dogs, and Gillian. Gillian can stay with me and my mom I suppose, but Roxy??? I doubt I can take her too. Who knows, maybe I'll get sick too and we'll all stay home and miss it all. Once again UGH!!!

I guess I asked for it in my last blog. I think I said pain is better than not feeling anything... hmmm.

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