Friday, December 17, 2010

12 days of Christmas!

some one or some bodies, are loving the Miller's this year.
so far we've had 4 days of christmas and it has become the highlight of our day.
day 1, our neighbor handed us a bag, and said she didn't know who it was from. it was filled with candy and a movie gift card. i looked at her like, what the heck? how can u not know who this is from??? she just simply said, read the card again.... "on the first day of christmas..." hmmm. ok. so cool.
the next morning, there were 2 candlesticks on our door step. "on the second day of christmas..." oooohhh ok, i am getting this.
"on the 3rd day of christmas: 3 gift cards. Conor=game stop, Gillian=target, me= Victoria SECRET!
"on the 4th day of christmas: 4 pairs of socks, (i got 2 haha) and "everything we need for a cozy night at home". (yummy goodies)

so to be able to thank whomever this is that's doing this, since you are so sneaky, hopefully you read my blog and see the joy you are bringing us this year. THANK YOU!!!! and Merry Christmas!
(i'll comment with the rest of the days as we go.) so amazing!!!

day 5: chucky cheese tokens and a pizza gift card
day 6: 6 jamba juice cards
day 7: a BUNCH of cool stuff to do with the family
day 8: ginger bread house, ginger bread man, a beautiful tree etc...
day 9: angel , picture frame, yummys

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Kim said...

That is wonderful! I am so glad you are sharing via the blog too! Enjoy!