Wednesday, June 23, 2010

5 minutes to write

lots going on for me physically and emotionally, but i'll stick with the emotions for today. This morning, i feel like i got that swift kick in the butt i've been needing. my heart has been all over the place worrying about people, worrying about myself, my life, my future... but this morning, a simple act of my daughter seeking me out before i ran to work, made me realize that i AM worth more than services to people. I AM worthy of being loved just for being me. i've been running in circles, fighting for something, and realized, i'm the only one fighting. history teaches us to look around. if you're the only one on the battle field, you might just be fighting the wrong fight. you can call it loosing heart, giving up or whatever. i call it saving my life. (and i think my life is worth something.)

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mary said...

Wow, the comment about you being the only one on the battlefield hit home hard! Thank you, I can relate to that one. Taking myself out of the fight I am not winning anyway. Handing over to God because afer all it belongs to Him and so do you. You are worthy just for that reason alone. Hang in there, you are loved.