Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of the summer BBQ

we found a pearl in an oyster:

...end of discussion.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun times

Randy and I decided to head to my sister's house, last minute on friday. It's amazing what a difference in temperature there is between there and here. They are so acclimated to 60-70 degree weather, that when her and i went on a walk, i had a sweatshirt and red nose, and she was stripping down to a t-shirt and shorts. The first night, Aaron had to get me a heater because i was shivering in bed. The next day it got a little hot though. maybe 80. WHATEVER! they get that year round. I wouldn't give up our sunshiny swim days for nothing though.

The first night, we went on a sunset walk and picked blackberries. It was blissful. I wish you could see the fields of green grass, horses, cows and the mountain of redwoods in the background. With the sunset behind it and a little fog mixed in, it was breathtaking. The second day, i was "forced" to make a blackberry pie. We cooked and shopped and laughed. Went to a cheese factory, but forgot and left it at her house along with Gillian's school stuff. (Lorra, can you bring it with you next weekend?) The guys worked in the man cave pulling parts off an engine that will now occupy our boat. (I am a little worried about how fast that thing is going to go next summer). The kids played games for just a little while, but mostly played out in the ACRES of apple trees and creeks. We had a great time. But back to reality. It's good to have somewhere to escape to, to get some perspective.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Pizza night

So there's always talks between people about where to get the best pizza. Round Table seems to come out on top, but i have to say, i LOVE Winco's take-n-bake. There's something about their sauce that takes me back to my childhood. So we found out a little while ago, that they sell their dough and sauce so you can make your own. That works great for us, since all of us like different kinds, so we have "make you own pizza night". (I still think mines the best). I love to have fresh mozzarella cheese and homegrown basil and tomato's. Earthy, artisan style. Plus olives mushrooms and onions. YUMMY!

Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of school!

New clothes, backpacks and shoes. Time to pack lunches, (which i made last night, thank you very much) and get up early, UGH. I'll have quiet time during the day. I can go back to bed after dropping them off at school. Exercise without interruption. Have coffee with friends. This all leads up to one very important fact: FALL IS COMING!!! Happiness is just around the corner for me. I so look forward to cooler days, longer nights, and long sleeves. There's nothing better than cuddling under a blanket, looking at the stars, or lighting candles and having a nice dinner. It's harder to do these things in summer, because it's too light out for too long. I am in my best moods from September til January.

I think to celebrate today, we will go back to bed after we meet the kids' teachers, and hug a few friends we haven't seen in 2 months. This pic makes me laugh. This is their true feelings about school shining through.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

oh what a night!

we headed out for a date night on the lake tonight. my mom had the kids. i packed dinner. randy prepared the boat. we grabbed some sweatshirts and some starbucks and off we went. 6 o'clock, billowy clouds, 75 degrees, nice. 6:30, dinner time, really cloudy, music on, happiness. 7pm, uh oh... rain's coming, let's head back. 7:10 really raining, stop right here under the bridge, can't make it back to dock since rain is stinging our faces. turn up radio, sit under bridge and watch it rain. 7:40 rain's gone, let's putt around the lake and watch the sunset. 8:15ish, sun sets. clouds come back. let's start heading back. 8:16... engine dies. crap! rain comes, again. trying to keep engine running. trying... trying. slow progress. still raining. 8:45 FINALLY make it back to "no wake zone", engine starts. HA! thanks!!! load up the boat. head home. get to mom's. conor has a migraine. throws up on way home. awesome. no more date nights for awhile.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I learned a couple of things today:

1. Conor does NOT like to go fast on the boat...
2. ... unless he's driving.
3. When it's been 12 years since you've knee boarded or tubed, take it easy.
4. LEAN BACK! if not, you WILL do a face plant. At this point, you will remember all that you forgot over the years.

We had a blast today, speeding around Whisleytown, blaring my favorite mix cd, labeled "Jan 2009". This is the 2nd time we got to take the boat out, and are still working out the bugs. The kids and Rox are getting better at being on the boat. I'm remembering what muscles HURT after a day on the lake. Love being in the sun. Love being with my family. I finally LOVE loVE LOve summer. Looking forward to next week with some good friends and more good times to be had.