Monday, August 24, 2009

Fun times

Randy and I decided to head to my sister's house, last minute on friday. It's amazing what a difference in temperature there is between there and here. They are so acclimated to 60-70 degree weather, that when her and i went on a walk, i had a sweatshirt and red nose, and she was stripping down to a t-shirt and shorts. The first night, Aaron had to get me a heater because i was shivering in bed. The next day it got a little hot though. maybe 80. WHATEVER! they get that year round. I wouldn't give up our sunshiny swim days for nothing though.

The first night, we went on a sunset walk and picked blackberries. It was blissful. I wish you could see the fields of green grass, horses, cows and the mountain of redwoods in the background. With the sunset behind it and a little fog mixed in, it was breathtaking. The second day, i was "forced" to make a blackberry pie. We cooked and shopped and laughed. Went to a cheese factory, but forgot and left it at her house along with Gillian's school stuff. (Lorra, can you bring it with you next weekend?) The guys worked in the man cave pulling parts off an engine that will now occupy our boat. (I am a little worried about how fast that thing is going to go next summer). The kids played games for just a little while, but mostly played out in the ACRES of apple trees and creeks. We had a great time. But back to reality. It's good to have somewhere to escape to, to get some perspective.


Kim said...

Sounds divine! Did you know that we know the people that your sister is renting from? Friends from college days...that house is amazing!

mary said...

So glad to see a trail of good times. You guys deserve it. Keep it one day at a time and smile, you are loved!